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Free Express Shipping and Free Returns on All Orders

Free Express Shipping and Free Returns on All Orders


Conscious Partnership with Pedal Electric

At Vuori we live by three guiding principles: Make great products, be in great relationships, and live extraordinary lives. As we continue to grow and partner with other brands in new and fun ways these values are always at the core of who we choose to align ourselves with and why. This past month we had the pleasure of partnering with Pedal Electric, a young brand that is changing the game for electric bikes. What first caught our attention were the visual aesthetics that make you want to live a bigger life and take off on an adventure. What grabbed our excitement was the story behind the brand, the values that the team at Pedal live and run their business by, and the way they see caring for the planet as not only necessary but an exciting new challenge. 

Vuori Men's Athletic Shorts
The Story Behind Pedal Electric 
The Inspiration and Mission

We could all do our part in the collective effort to reduce our carbon footprint. The inspiration started with purely a self-reflection on how one can play a larger role themselves, but quickly shifted to the bigger picture of how communities and countries can play an integral part in enacting change. After traveling around the world it was evident that some of the most beautiful cities also happen to be the most progressive when it comes to sustainability. A major difference between the United States and European countries is the urban commute where one's daily commute involves taking the metro or riding a bike. While that is largely due to the proximity of one's destination, what if we could commute in a similar way to further destinations? 

The mission became to be a sustainably built brand in the Electric Transit space that inspires a conscious community of adventure enthusiasts and daily commuters. We were founded and built with an emphatic focus on a quality and aesthetics that embraces and respects nature as a playground of appreciation. 

The Meaningful Difference 
What sets Pedal Electric apart 

We don’t have all the answers and we’d like to think of ourselves as the frontrunner in leading conversations  with authenticity and transparency surrounding how things are made and where we can do better as a brand and as an entire industry. We’d like to continue to push the envelope on what’s possible and have new and important dialogues. Becoming verified climate positive and our ongoing partnership with SeaTrees hopefully is setting the tone of how we can move between branding, community and impactful change. 


Vuori Men's Athletic Shorts

Not Just Climate Neutral But Climate Positive
A mission to go above and beyond for the environment 

We truly see this as an ongoing dialogue, which to be honest excites us. There is nothing static about what we are building and in the space of climate change, there is always something to push, challenge, reimagine and change. Climate Positive simply means, at its core, giving back to the environment. We are empowered through a lens of pushing it further to how we can clean up, restore and give mother earth back even more. Leave it better than we found it.

In precise terms, it's going beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to create an environmental benefit that actually works to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The underlying goal is to advocate and be dedicated to improving production to be Climate Positive. 

Actionable Steps
Partnering with 1% for the Planet and SeaTrees

Combating climate change is inherently ingrained into the fabric of our brand. It’s important for us to be dedicated, in actionable ways beyond our products, to be a proponent of creating positive steps towards climate change. Our partnerships with 1% for the planet and Sea Trees continue to allow us to see this vision through. 1% of every purchase goes toward planting and protecting blue-carbon coastal ecosystems in order to sequester as much C02 as possible. It’s been a long process but by partnering with SeaTrees we’re excited to announce that Pedal Electric is, and has been, Ocean Positive/ Verified Climate Positive since our inception! This essentially means we are constantly working to reduce our carbon emissions to have a positive impact on the ocean. 

An Investment in Happiness 
Freedom, Exploration, and A Whole New Energy

Happiness is a feeling, a flow state and although we don’t think an electric bike or any product for that matter definitively equals “happiness,” but what we do believe is that Pedal Electric bikes give people a new way to engage and relate to their surroundings, their routine, their choices and their time. It’s without question that when people hop on and cruise on our bikes for the first time, their excitement and childlike joy are through the roof. We see our bikes as a reminder to people that they can really navigate and move in so many ways throughout their day and throughout their life that offer freedom, exploration, ease, and enjoyment. Cruising to take errands or commuting to work takes on a whole new energy when you’re on your Pedal Electric bike and the best part, you continue to take that energy with you throughout your day to everyone you meet and everywhere you go even after you get off the bike. 

The Importance Conscious of Partnership 

It has never been more important to partner and shop with like-minded brands that choose to see caring for people and the planet as an integral part of how they do business. We are all happier on a healthy planet and it is up to all of us to align ourselves with brands that not only feel the same way, but are putting words into action. We couldn’t be more stoked to partner with Pedal Electric to bring you an opportunity to experience products that will leave you with a new perspective and some new adventures. Click here to learn more about our own sustainability journey and Climate Neutral Certification. 

Our Happier on a Healthy Planet giveaway ends on 5/17/22. Be sure to follow all the instructions before time is up and follow the Pedal Electric journey here.