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We believe that businesses have the power to make real, meaningful progress in securing a low-climate future. That’s why we decided to pursue Climate Neutral certification. Being Climate Neutral Certified means that we’ve measured and offset all of our carbon emissions from making and delivering our products in a given year.


The first step to becoming Climate Neutral certified is measurement. It’s important to know where we stand today so we can work to not only offset but reduce our footprint moving forward.

Our 2021 Carbon Footprint: 31,899 metric tons of CO2e

We measure our onsite and supply chain emissions in accordance with the GHG protocol. Our direct and indirect onsite emissions only make up about 4% of our overall footprint while our supply chain emissions account for about 96%.

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We focused on choosing a combination of projects that help actively reduce and recapture carbon emissions from the environment. To help us do that, we partnered with Pachama & 3Degrees to offset our 2021 footprint.

We offset our 2021 footprint by supporting the following projects:

Chestnut Mountain Improved Forest Management Project
Project Type: Forestry
Location: Tennessee, USA
Total Offset (mt of CO2e): 13,500

Dempsey Ridge Wind (USA)
Project Type: Renewable Energy
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Total Offset (mt of CO2e): 19,205

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While offsetting our emissions is a good first step, we want to do more. So in addition to offsetting 100% of our emissions, we are working to actively reduce our emissions internally and throughout our supply chain. To hold us accountable, we set science aligned targets to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5°C.

  • We aim to have a 42% absolute reduction in our GHG emissions against a 2021 baseline across Scope 1 + 2 by 2030.
  • We aim to have a 48% per-unit reduction in our GHG emissions against a 2021 baseline across our Purchased Goods & Services.

These are pretty big goals but we’re dedicated to putting in the work to meet these reduction targets and continue to grow our business sustainably. We’re working on putting together a roadmap of how we plan to meet these goals and will publish it once it’s complete.

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